Eurythmy installation and practice, 2017


Eurythmy is a social performance inspired by nature’s energy and rhythmical order. The project involves the collaborative construction of ephemeral and organic architecture from materials gleaned from the Portland and San Francisco transfer stations.

A series of workshops held between April and June 2017 brought together a selection of communities from both cities to address waste management and environmental issues in a variety of locations, in conjunction with the Glean artist residency which selects five artists to create a body of work from materials gleaned from the waste stream of a transfer station in order to provide the public with a reflection on their consumption habits, the waste they produce and the resources they dispose of, a program implemented in place by Recology, Metro and Crakedpots.

My choice in the mass of material intended mainly for the landfill was to extract ropes, cables and variable threads in order to design a series of sculptures-tools, by combining elaborate textile techniques such as weaving, knotting and knitting. Supported by Fleishhacker Foundation Grant for the Arts, workshops were offered to the public as a creative platform for inventing flexible tools made from the materials I gleaned during the five-month residency. This project uses 100% recycled materials.

This experience made together with the public culminated on May 23rd with two performance called Eurythmy #1 and #2 at Studio Grand Oakland and at the Museum of Performance and Design in San Francisco in collaboration with avant-garde electroacoustic Japanese composer Haco, improvising environmental music in relation to the interactive geometry and harmonious movements of the audience. Transported in an immersive atmosphere, the participants then compose an ephemeral sculpture responding to the image of a network topology that densifies to form a large nucleus.