The Red Vine


The Red Vine is a fiber sculpture conceived as a unique segment to stimulate a vital and creative social interactions while exploring notions of space, time, and movement. This experience brings a powerful sense of togetherness while refining our belonging to each other and our interdependence of nature. Forming a circle, the group is engaged to trace a geometry of interaction recalling a mandala. The density of the participants' movements towards the center creates a nucleus that leads to multiple reflections on the connection phenomenon, the creation of a common improvised space, the harmony of a project.This experience brings a strong sense of belonging and unity while meditating on our interdependence with nature.

A social practice took part with a series of inspirational forums that benefit the Health Diplomacy Project for Arabic Speaking Refugees in Germany with Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF) to develop the curriculum for innovative solutions to address issues of inclusion, assimilation and integration in Germany. Global Health Equity Foundation advocates on behalf of people who lack access to health education, preventive services and healthcare.