The Strings



The Strings series of workshops will be held between April and June inviting a selection of communities from Portland in varied locations and in San Francisco at the Museum of performance and Design in conjunction with the Glean program and artist residency established by Recology, Metro and Crakedpots to address the waste disposal and environmental issues.

 With materials gleaned from the waste stream, Latifa Medjdoub will conceive elaborate and intricate fiber sculptures with the public stimulating creative social interactions combining mundane objects with fiber art techniques. 

This experience made together with the public will culminate on May 23rd with a performance called Eurythmy #1 at Studio Grand Oakland in collaboration with electroacoustic Japanese composer  and special guest Haco from Kobe,  offering an unparalleled artistic cross-training opportunity to transporting participants within an expansive soft fiber-sculpture responding to the image of network topology from which new perspectives, contexts, and realities can be observed.

Eurythmy #2 will be performed at the Museum of Performance and Design in San Francisco in May 25th from 8-10pm

The series of workshops will merge as a creative platform to bring to the performances the sculptural fiber tools made from recycling.

 Also, the Glean residency will culminate with a group exhibition presented at PNCA/OCAC, Furthermore Space with an opening on August 4th, 2017 from 6-9pm at Bison Building. Glean is an environmental art project in partnership between Recology, an employee-owned integrated resource recovery and recycling company; Metro, the regional government that manages the Portland area’s garbage and recycling system; and crackedpots, an environmental arts non-profit.



The Strings series Workshops

Fiber Sculpture + Social Practice

This project will invite physical interaction using handcrafted fiber sculptures and encourage reflection on the action of sharing and combining efforts in the act of creation.

 In this workshop, we will open up to a social practice together to reflect on the depth of the energy that links everything together. Using a set of handcrafted strings, we will experiment with movements and perspective in space.

Participants will be working with a set of recycled items from varying material sources ranging from fiber, paper, plastic or metal to form a string or rope like open ended segment. They will study systems of formal imbrication, intertwined sequences, modulating rhythmic organizations of selected items while demonstrating a correlation between structure and sustainability.

In our age of social media networking, this innovative artistic approach pushes mental and physical boundaries, questioning our presence and responsibility to each other, challenging individual and shared perception and communication, and allowing an immersive space of self as well as a transformative collective experience to foster the idea that art makes us look at the world in fresh, new and restorative ways.



Latifa Medjdoub is a visual artist and social art practitioner whose work is conceived through its synthesis of sculpture, painting, photography, installation and performance art often using textile art as a central mode of communication. She was born in France from Algerian descent and lives and works in Portland, Oregon. 

Since 2013, she has developed social art projects which successfully transcend cultural divides such as the Roots, placing the public in an active self-reflective and meditative mode of dialogue in order to engage awareness. Her extensive experience in the diverse fields of performance and design among outstanding international artists allowed her to study the social behavior in the expression of acting and to conceive elaborate and intricate artistic tools stimulating creative social interactions, communication and social transformation. Latifa Medjdoub’s recent work focuses on the question of identity and social construction, a study she calls ID#, captivating a psychological portrait of modern societies in the fast-paced stream of information. 

Latifa Medjdoub has developed and adapted original and collaborative workshops, public practice and installations with diverse communities whether educational, non-profit or corporate. She has been a visiting artist and lecturer at universities and high schools and institutions. Her work has been shown internationally in Museums, galleries and events. Medjdoub’s work can be found in private collections internationally.


Eurythmy #1 Studio Grand, Oakland

Eurythmy #2 Museum of Performance and Design, San Francisco



The Roots from Latifa Medjdoub on Vimeo.


Conversation with the Roots from David C. Schendel on Vimeo.


 In partnership with The Museum of Performance and Design 

with the lead support of the Fleishhacker Foundation and Grants for the Arts