Conversation with the Roots






 Conversation with the Roots is a site-specific installation and experimental performance blurring the lines between social practice and meta-theatre.

Presented within the 2015 San Francisco International Performing Arts Festival's theme of 'Bearing Witness: Surveillance Within the Drone Age' this project is designed to engage public awareness in the complex discussions surrounding the diverse facets of the question of mass surveillance as expressed through the movement of the material engaged by the performers and the public together.

The tension created by the active environment responds to the surrounding permeable energies through a game of construction and altered structure with the public thus causing an over-stimulation of the surrounding perception, generating new relationships between individuals brought to cross, to interact, to be responsive while being allowed to take photos freely.

The Installation spanned the lobby of the Cowell Theater in Fort Mason throughout the entire festival.

Performers: Florentina Mocanu, Amy Munz, Nathalie Brilliant, Val Sinckler, Tonyanna Borkovi, Latifa Medjdoub

Sound art:  Derek Phillips

Time-based video art: David Schendel.