Conversation with the Roots






Conversation with the Roots is a site-specific installation and social experience featured at the 2015 San Francisco International Performing Arts Festival under the theme of 'Bearing Witness: Surveillance Within the Drone Age'. The project aimed to raise public awareness and facilitate complex discussions surrounding the multifaceted issue of mass surveillance by encouraging interaction between performers and the public using flexible textile materials to create a dynamic environment that responded to the energies around it.This led to a vibrant level of responsiveness and fostered fresh connections among individuals who came together to intersect, to engage in mutual observation and work together to alleviate the inhibition within the relationship.


Conversation With The Roots

Cowell Theater, Fort Mason 

Performers: Florentina Mocanu, Amy Munz, Nathalie Brilliant, Val Sinckler, Tonyanna Borkovi, Latifa Medjdoub

Sound art:  Derek Phillips

Music: Haco

Time-based video art: David Schendel.