The Roots







The Roots project is structured to engage the participant with the unique installation of a site-specific web of handcrafted mixed natural fibers sculptural elements.  Drawn together in space, each installation is an open structure that evokes the passing of information and the interworking of life. Participants are immersed in an interactive, tactile world of sculptural fiber works while guided through a curated series of activities carefully developed to inspire reflection upon the complex social and mental landscapes of our contemporary world. The activities progress through a process of steps that lead to the creation of a novel sculptural installation reflecting the group's vision and energy.

As an interactive, kinetic sculpture, The Roots disrupts our reality and enliven our senses by offering a three-dimensional, immersive, dynamic and physical experience reconnecting the mind and body and actively encouraging creative thinking and inspired reflections on the multiple levels of interconnectedness of individuals and networks.

The Roots employs an intricate ensemble of innovative fiber art and sculptural works, many of which were originally developed with varied communities as social art projects and have subsequently been part of installations, workshops, and performances in schools, universities, on alternative or traditional scenes.