August 11, 2017

Glean 2017

Latifa Medjdoub, ID#74, Eurythmy
Recycled foam on wood stretchers
A program from Metro, trash management firm Recology and Crackedpots, a Portland-based environmental art nonprofit. 
Inspiration often arrives in unexpected packages. See how five local artists – Christian Barrios, Caroline Borucki, Tyler Corbett, Latifa Medjdoub and Danielle Schlunegger – transformed an unpredictable stream of trash from the Metro Central transfer station into art. 
This event is free and open to the public.
August 4, 2017, 6:00pm – 9:00 pm

Furthermore Gallery
421 NE 10th Ave
Fri – Sun, noon – 5:00 pm
April 19, 2017

Workshop: The Strings


The Strings series Workshops

Fiber Sculpture + Social Practice

Open to all levels

Time: 2 to 3 Hours

 Instructor: Latifa Medjdoub

Instructor provides recycled materials


Class Description: This project will invite physical interaction using handcrafted fiber sculptures and encourage reflection on the action of sharing and combining efforts in the act of creation.

 In this workshop, we will first open up to a social practice together to reflect on the depth of the energy that links everything together. Using a set of handcrafted strings, we will experiment with movements and perspective in space.

Participants will be then working with a set of recycled items from varying material sources ranging from fiber, paper, plastic or metal to form a string or rope like open ended segment. They will study systems of formal imbrication, intertwined sequences, modulating rhythmic organizations of selected items while demonstrating a correlation between structure and sustainability.

In our age of social media networking, this innovative artistic approach pushes mental and physical boundaries, questioning our presence and responsibility to each other, challenging individual and shared perception and communication, and allowing an immersive space of self as well as a transformative collective experience to foster the idea that art makes us look at the world in fresh, new and restorative ways.


Public workshop:

 In Portland

May 11th at N.E.W from 6pm to 9pm 

New Expressive Work 810 SE Belmont, PDX OR 97214

Limited to 30 participants.

In San Francisco

May 20th at MP+D from 2pm to 5pm

Museum of Performance and Design 893B Folsom Street San Francisco CA 94107

Limited to 20 participants.


Contact me for more details and to register: 


March 29, 2017



Latifa Medjdoub & Haco

Eurythmy is a social performance inspired by nature’s energy and rhythmical order and is inviting an active public to reflect on the multiple levels of interconnectedness of individuals and networks. The project consists of the collaborative construction of an ephemeral flexible architecture using fiber sculptures* in relation to an environmental sound system speaking for interrelationship and unity while celebrating diversity. 

 Facilitated by French Algerian visual artist Latifa Medjdoub in collaboration with avant-garde experimental sound artist, Haco from Japan, this environmental social art exploration aims to open new avenues to the public practice in regard to the art of possibilities together, in a terrain designed to bring a wave of inspiration, awareness and energy.

Public info

Date:  May 23dr, 2017, 9pm @door, performance @9.30pm 

Followed by a collaborative sound improvisation between Haco (Electroacoustic) + Nava Dunkelman (Percussionist) + Jakob Pek (Guitarist) + Gabby Fluke-Mogul (Violinist)
3234 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610
Doors 9PM /Show 9:30PM
* The fiber sculptures involved in Eurythmy are in part conceived together  through the String series of workshops with divers communities from the Bay Area and from Portland in partnership with The Museum of Performance and Design and with a lead support of the Fleishhacker Foundation and Grants for the Arts; the Glean artist residency, a program by Recology, Metro and Crakedpots from both Portland and San Francisco.
Supported by APICC, Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center

Haco is a Japanese composer, sound artist, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who created numerous recordings both as a producer and an engineer. She has given performances and created live installations throughout Japan and worldwide. With her unique sensibility, she has developed her own sound art based on principles of post-punk, electro acoustics, avant-garde, ambient, and improvisation. She has received recognition internationally as the lead singer, lyricist and composer of the band After Dinner in the 1980s. In 2002, she established the View Masters sound collection, an environmental sound project seeking to select, extract and define sounds from daily life. Since 2004, she has been using voice and self-programmed electronics as an organic method to develop her performances, sometimes accompanied by video projections. In 2005, She was awarded the digital music category at Prix Ars Electronica in Austria for Stereo Bugscope 00. Her original vocal style while using experimental pop sound and improvisation encompasses conventional genres and continues to attract new listeners around the world.

Latifa Medjdoub is a visual artist and social art practitioner whose work is conceived through its synthesis of sculpture, painting, photography, installation and performance art often using textile art as a central mode of communication. She was born in France from Algerian descent and lives and works in Portland, Oregon.
Since 2013, she has developed social art projects which successfully transcend cultural divides such as the Roots, placing the public in an active self-reflective and meditative mode of dialogue within metatheatrical concepts in order to engage awareness. Her extensive experience in the diverse fields of performance and design among outstanding international artists allowed her to study the social behavior in the expression of acting and to conceive elaborate and intricate artistic tools stimulating creative social interactions, communication and social transformation. Her work has been shown internationally in Museums, galleries, including the Museum of Art and Industry, in France; Cheongju Art Center in Korea; De Cordova Museum, MA; Santa Fe Art Institute, NM; National Building Museum, DC; Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, TX and at The Old Mint in San Francisco CA.

Nava Dunkelman is a Bay Area based percussionist and improviser. Born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in a multi-cultural environment by an American father and Indonesian mother, her musical interests span the globe from Japanese taiko to Indonesian gamelan to American marching band, and from classical to contemporary to the avant-garde. Nava studied percussion under Eugene Novotney at Humboldt State University before attending Mills College, where she studied with William Winant, Fred Frith, Maggi Payne, Zeena Parkins, and David Bernstein. Since graduating with a degree in music performance in 2013, she has performed and collaborated with William Winant, Fred Frith, John Zorn, Ikue Mori, and many others. Nava has performed classical and contemporary pieces with the William Winant Percussion Group, inkBoat, The Luna Ensemble, San Francisco Girls Chorus, among others.

Jakob Pek is a musician and artist based on the West Coast, USA. His work has been described as "transcontinental" and "transhistorical". His creative practices interweave chaos and order, offering refined expressions of established musical palettes juxtaposed with escapades into uncharted domains of abstraction and experimentation. His work is necessitated by a the urge to love, transform and renew.

Gabby Fluke-Mogul is a performing, teaching, composing, & collaborating improviser based out of the bay area. they have existed as a body//violin-body in south florida, western massachusettes, & the wider new england area. through improvising//composing, gfm hopes to create space for individual & collective deep listening, laughter, intimacy, negotiation of identity & narrative, love, & healing. gfm performs in & with a variety of projects, installations, bodies, & instrument-bodies in addition to facilitating community-based workshops, & teaching (toddlers-adults) in public, private, & non-profit learning spaces. gabby holds a MFA in music performance and literature with improvisation specialization from mills college where they worked with pauline oliveros, zeena parkins, jennifer wilsey, india cooke, fred frith, roscoe mitchell, kala ramnath, & kara davis.




March 19, 2017

Les Glaneurs et La Glaneuse

The Gleaners and I, one of my all time favorite documentary film by #AgnesVarda
A must see (or see again) Varda’s portraits and approach to the topic helps us reconsider our  relationship to objects and goods, echoing the grace of Millet’s painting “Les Glaneuses”. Here, at the Metro Transfer Station, a surprising place to meditate on the cycle of life it’s essential it’s rawness #gleanresidency #environmentalart #socialart photo: Transfer #1-4 from the Transfer series (more images at: Prints )
March 06, 2017

Glean it, Clean it, Turn it to Energy

Last Friday I went on my first solo trip to the Portland Metro Transfer Station where an army of kind souls and smiling figures diligently work the physical task of recycling the massive amount of matter trashed daily in piles. Camus couldn't be more right: "One must imagine Sisyphus Happy".


February 27, 2017


I'm very pleased to be among the selected artists for the Glean program established by Recology, Metro and Crakedpots for the past 7 years to address the waste disposal and environmental issues. Artists are given the opportunity to glean materials from the transfer station for the program duration and are required to conceive a body of work relevant to their continuous efforts to reduce entropy while regenerating a significant amount of the refuse. 

 This compelling Artist in Residency program will allow me the very special opportunity to develop my current social practice art studies related to the sensitive topics of environmental issues. With materials gleaned from the waste stream, I would like to conceive elaborate and intricate artistic tools with the public stimulating creative social interactions combining mundane objects with sophisticated textile art techniques. The proposed experimental research will continue my ongoing ID# series reflecting on social identity and environment. 

Public participatory will be encouraged to creatively interact in the compositional stages opening the project to an unusual immersive, dynamic and tactile social experience that reconnects the mind and the body and to allow a reflection on the multiple levels of interconnectedness of individuals, networks and environment. I will be sharing soon the thread of this new adventure which will hopefully inspire possibilities.

This program is made possible by #recology #metro #crackedpots



January 10, 2017

Video: Conversation with the Roots

David Schendel documents Latifa Medjdoub's interactive performance art piece "Conversation with the Roots." As performed at the 2015 San Francisco International Performing Art Festival.

Performers: Florentina Mocanu/ Amy Munz/ Nathalie Brilliant/ Val Sinckler/ Tonyanna Borkovi/ Latifa Medjdoub

Sound Art: Derek Phillips

Music: Ash In The Rainbow by Haco & Sakamoto Hiromichi

Time-Base Video Art: David Schendel


September 15, 2016

The Roots: Engaging with a Social Sculpture

De Young Museum
Golden Gate Park | 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive
San Francisco, CA 94118 | 415.750.3600
November 12, 2016,
10:00 am11:30 am

This lecture explores the possibilities of flexible sculpture as social practice that engage communities in a personal exploration and social connection.

The Roots is a site-specific, handcrafted, and interactive fiber sculpture. It was inspired by nature and employs a stunning ensemble of innovative fiber art and sculptural works, many of which were originally developed with varied communities as social art projects and have subsequently been part of installations, workshops, and performances, including the French American International School, The Old Mint, the San Francisco International Arts Festival, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, and the Museum of Performance and Design.

After a brief lecture on textile and art industries, artist Latifa Medjdoub will discuss The Roots as a unique tool to generate creative and personal connections that inspire new reflections on larger social constructions.

Latifa Medjdoub was born in France. Her mediums include social art sculpture and installations, photography, painting, and performance. Her work raises questions of identity, social roles, and the metatheatricality that shapes humanity.

Educated at the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et du textile of Roubaix, France, Medjdoub collaborated with leading performing arts artists. Her work has been shown in museums and galleries in Europe, Asia, and North America including the Museum of Art and Industry, France; Cheongju Art Center, Korea; De Cordova Museum, MA; Santa Fe Art institute, NM; National Building Museum, DC; Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, TX; Fort Mason, San Francisco; The Museum of Performance and Design, San Francisco.

Ticket Information

Admission: Free for current members of the Textile Arts Council
$5 for students and members of the FAMSF, $10 General Admission

Contact Information
Textile Arts Council
(415) 750-3627


September 12, 2016

Therapeutics in Museums and the Arts

Bay Area Emerging Museum Professionals will examine programs with a therapeutic benefit. 

Thursday, September 29 at 7 PM - 8:30 PM

Museum of Performance + Design 

Latifa Medjdoub- artist (
Cecile Puretz- Access and Community Engagement Manager, Contemporary Jewish Museum
Sadie Harmon- Director, Performing Arts Institute, Stagebridge
Rachel Kadner- Parenting & Community Partnerships Manager, Habitot Children's Museum
Sylvie Minot- Executive Director & Founder- Syzygy Dance Project

Stay tuned for more details

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November 30, 2015

The Roots

On view until February 15, 2016
The Museum of Performance + Design hosts
An interactive Participatory Installation by Latifa Medjdoub
November 2015 - February 2016

The Roots project is structured to engage with the unique installation of a massive, site-specific web of hand-crafted mixed natural fibers sculptural elements. The installation is designed to engage the public with the notions of energy and perception, space and history. Spanning the whole open space of the archive, the installation is an aleatory open-ended structure that evokes the passing of information and the interworking of life. As an interactive, kinetic sculpture,The Roots disrupts our reality and enliven our senses by offering a three-dimensional, immersive, dynamic, and tactile experience reconnecting the mind and body and actively encouraging creative thinking and inspired reflections on the multiple levels of interconnectedness of individuals and networks.
The Roots employs a stunning ensemble of innovative fiber art and sculptural works, many of which were originally developed as social art projects and have subsequently been part of installations, workshops, and performances at the French American International School, San Francisco’s Old Mint, the SF International Arts Festival, and Alonzo King Lines Ballet.

MP+D// 893B Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94107 USA