Workshop: The Strings


The Strings series Workshops

Fiber Sculpture + Social Practice

Open to all levels

Time: 2 to 3 Hours

 Instructor: Latifa Medjdoub

Instructor provides recycled materials


Class Description: This project will invite physical interaction using handcrafted fiber sculptures and encourage reflection on the action of sharing and combining efforts in the act of creation.

 In this workshop, we will first open up to a social practice together to reflect on the depth of the energy that links everything together. Using a set of handcrafted strings, we will experiment with movements and perspective in space.

Participants will be then working with a set of recycled items from varying material sources ranging from fiber, paper, plastic or metal to form a string or rope like open ended segment. They will study systems of formal imbrication, intertwined sequences, modulating rhythmic organizations of selected items while demonstrating a correlation between structure and sustainability.

In our age of social media networking, this innovative artistic approach pushes mental and physical boundaries, questioning our presence and responsibility to each other, challenging individual and shared perception and communication, and allowing an immersive space of self as well as a transformative collective experience to foster the idea that art makes us look at the world in fresh, new and restorative ways.


Public workshop:

 In Portland

May 11th at N.E.W from 6pm to 9pm 

New Expressive Work 810 SE Belmont, PDX OR 97214

Limited to 30 participants.

In San Francisco

May 20th at MP+D from 2pm to 5pm

Museum of Performance and Design 893B Folsom Street San Francisco CA 94107

Limited to 20 participants.


Contact me for more details and to register: