Conversations with the Roots: May 2015



Thur. May 21 7:00pm
Fri. May 22 6:15pm
Sat. May 23 2:15pm
Sat. June 6 5:15pm
Sun. June 7 2:15pm

Cowell Theater Lobby

Using Beautiful Roots a social art piece created in San Francisco in 2014 with the French American International School community, Conversation with the Roots is a site-specific installation and experimental performance designed to engage public awareness in the complex discussions surrounding the diverse facets of the question of surveillance as expressed through the movement of the material and the performers.

The sculpture's system of tension will be responding to the surrounding energies through a game of construction and altered structure causing a new mode of seeing, generating new relations between individuals brought to intersect and interact and seeking to meditate on what defines information in the age of mass surveillance.

The Installation will span the lobby of the Cowell Theater, and remain in place during the entire festival. The performances will feature Florentina Mocanu, Amy Munz, Nathalie Brilliant, Val Sinckler, Tonyanna Borkovi and myself. Sound artist Derek Phillips will create the audio for the performances and film maker David Schendel will be creating a time-based video art studying the process of creation and interaction with the public.

Join us for the opening night on May the 21st at 7.00pm
The structure will assume different forms at each performance, and you are welcome to attend multiple experiences.