Connect, Bonn

Connect, Bonn Evangelische Trinitatiskirchengemeinde, 2019


As part of Salam to Syria, the Connect program brings an innovative performance in the field of social action art to Bonn. Artist, sculptor and painter Latifa Medjdoub is curator of the event. Salam to Syria promotes cooperation between artists from Syria and other parts of the world.


Fiber art possesses flexible properties that allows me to reflect upon vital mechanisms produced by nature and therefore is a rich medium to help translate in organic shapes, the possibilities stretched by nature’s structure and logic. In Connect, a social experience and practice speaks for our passage through the filter of art, meditation on societal issues and back to nature. It provides a framework for thinking about our collective creativity and the fundament of life, what links humanity together, it's motives, potentiality and self direction.

 I have conceived on a loom a range of ropes or vines as I like to call them for their vital and dynamic reflection on nature. A social practice is engaged to help raise awareness and to sharpen our intuitive communication, opening an inner dialogue to support the world around with a positive vision with new avenues, possibilities. 

 Installed in a background made of red bricks on the tall walls at the Bonn Evangelische Trinitatiskirchengemeinde , a range of protean textile forms are knotted and woven on stretchers from wooden recycled material with a seamless composition. Often achieved using a single handcrafted string on a loom, the various studies reflect on the multiple levels of interconnectedness of individuals and networks using a system of geometry of interaction. 

Two performers, Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin and Sophiatou Kossoko will engage the public with a series of handcrafted ropes installed in the core of the church, tracing together a connective web. The ephemeral installation spanning the space transports participants to an expansive and physically networked setting from which valuable perspective is acquired. 

This project encompasses traditional relationship with the public in the context of performance by pushing the mental and physical boundaries, questioning our presence and responsibility to each other, challenging individual perception and improvisation, allowing an immersive space of self and communal reflection as well as a transformative collective experience.



11. April 2019 • 7.00-9.00PM

Ev. Trinitatiskirchengemeinde, Brahmsstraße 14, 53121 Bonn

Latifa Medjdoub, Curator and artist 

Performers for Connect: Chrystèle Saint Louis Augustin and Sophiatou Kossoko

Music: Ashraf Kateb (Violin) and Iwan Urwalow (Piano & Orgel)

Starring Opera singer Deborah Sassoon

This Salam to Syria fundraiser is run by the Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF)
in cooperation with the Bonn Institute for Migration Research (BIM) e.V.
The proceeds of the event will be used for a research project on the health equality of refugees. In addition to promoting health education for Arabic-speaking refugees, the project will also provide relevant insights into the assessment of trauma and treatment methods. In line with the philosophy of the Global Health Equity Foundation and BIM e.V., support for equality in health care is seen as the advance of human society.