New World

Laftmonk, ID#121 Spending Time With Yourself, 2019
October 6th - November 10th, 2019
@openartexchange | Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam, Netherlands
Large parts of our world today are adrift, subject to unstoppable change, for better or for worse. What does this mean for migrants, people left behind, recipients, societies? About despair and hope, about new doors that open, about disappointment and deception, about seemingly unbridgeable differences, distrust and incomprehension. But also about recognition, openness, new friendship and regained stability. About the richness and friction of diversity. About the desire for what was and what is to come.⁠

The following artists give their vision:⁠
> Laftmonk (FR / US) with psychological portraits about being displaced and the need for new social cohesion,⁠
> Kingsley Ogwara (Luxembourg / Nigeria) with abstract colorful compositions about hope and new possibilities,⁠
> Frans De Winter (NL) with sculptures of jute, rope, sand and wood about human transformation, growth and new life ⁠
> Steve Bandoma (DR Congo) with ink drawings on cultural diversity and exchange, stereotypes and prejudices,⁠
> Jonathan Vat Vatunga (DR Congo) with paintings and collages about what was and what is to come.⁠